Honorable Narendra Modi, Chief Minister of Gujarat in India has announced to built the the world’s tallest statue, “STATUE OF UNITY”, of Sardar Patel, Champion of India’s unification, whose selflessness & commitment to India’s freedom is legendary. The statue will be built on Sadhu Island (Bet) located downstream, and facing the falling waters of the Narmada River from Sardar Sarovar Dam, Gujarat, India.

The magnitude of this project will require experts from all aspect of technology and planning that can guarantee a long term sustainability of the project. I was born and raised in India in a rural city of Singod and Madhi in Gujarat State. Now I reside in Nashvile, Tennessee, USA.

My exposure to these two extreme countries with a complimentary culture has given me wisdom of knowledge that I wanted to share with this project. It is therefore I have volunteered to provide my services for the benefit of the project.

 I would like to identify members of Global NRI Community that can address the following concerns in this project:

 1.    Raise awareness among the Global NRI Community about the project’s importance and the reason why it is equally important to support the Chief Minister of Gujarat now.

2.    Identify experts from within the Global NRI Community who can help optimize the planning, constructing and maintaining the “Statue of Unity” in world class manners.

3.    Successful Global NRI Community have long desired to help Mother India with their wealth and accumulated professional knowledge. This project can provide an opportunity for both party, the Government of Gujarat and Global NRI Community, to join hands in the development of the Narmada District.

4.    Proper planning should include minimum of 100 mile radius that can provide protected territorial rights to the tribal community; protected forest that can secure sanctuary for the wild animals, protection of river bank from polluters/pollution and define usable area for planned development that can attract business community and their investment.

5.    Built world-class highway that connect Sardar Sarovar Dam with National Highway 8, Arabian Sea with recreational beaches, communities of Ukai dam and boarder of neighboring states.

 In coming days, I will discuss these issues with my friends and provide answers to these five areas in greater details. If you are one of the person with the knowledge of these issues and desire to help, please write to me. This is my way of giving back to my motherland from which I have learned so much- to share my experience, thoughts, and advice with you, the reader. I am going to define the finer details that are required in the development of this project that has been the strength of the first world. I truly believe that members of Global NRI Community possess the ultimate expertise to help optimization and perfection in the development of the “Statue of Unity” project.

 This blog is about helping and sharing our experience and expectation from the NRI point of view. It is about profitability from the project that will guarantee expenses required to secure routine maintenance, preservation and longer life of this project.

If you have any question, comments or suggestions, please feel free to contact me:

Email: 78surti@gmail.com

Twitter: @78Surti



Tarun N. Surti

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