Dholera, Special Investment Region (SIR)

24 Nov

I was intrigued when I learned about Dholera from Chief Minister Sri Narendrabhai Modi today. The planned special investment region (SIR) consummates a globalized vision of current government of Gujarat State. The proposed World City will be located at the tiny port city of Dholera on the Gulf of Khambhat in Ahmedabad district, along the upcoming Mumbai-Delhi industrial corridor.

One can learn more about Dholera by visiting their website,  http://dholerasir.com/developemtplans_new.aspx

Open and read all four PDF files and you will see the complex details about this project that should convince each and every NRI that Gujarat Government is moving in the right direction and that NRI should consider investment in Dholera.

I am not talking about buying a flat or house. I am talking about business investment that can generate ongoing return on investments, product and services that can improve lives in India and employment that can stabilized economy in our motherland.

It is the aim of Gujarat Government to develop a self-sustaining urban center as part of the special investment region (SIR) in Gujarat along the Delhi-Mumbai industrial corridor. The proposed development will be spread across 3,000 acres with an investment of Rs.2,000 crore ($445 million), which when fully operational can create employment for over 100,000 people and attract investment in excess of Rs.10,000 crore ($2.2 billion).

If you are excited about this project and want to discuss how you can help our government, please contact me with your ideas or write directly to the chief minister Narendrabhaii Modi at:



Tarun N. Surti

Email: 78surti@gmail.com

Twitter: @78Surti


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