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22 Nov

I have taken this initiative to be involved in the development of the proposed “Statue of Unity” in Gujarat because of my personal conviction to make a difference.

I am not seeking funds nor do I plan to raise funds under my organizations.

What I am trying to do is to create awareness of this project, unite Global NRI Community in support of this project and identify experts (NRI) in the related fields that can optimize the developments of this project.

As you know, India simply does not have knowledge and discipline to develop project of this magnitude. It can use our experience, influence and exposure to the western world and expertise in management of such project. There are many complex issues when a project of such magnitude is planned.

I will be writing in greater details in coming months to address these issues and I hope to share them with you.

It is my belief that the NRI community should not ignore such historical moment and try our level best to help our motherland.

We always compare ourselves with Israel and Jews but we always fail to follow their unconditional obligation to their motherland.

We must rise above our personal views and profits when it comes to the benefit of our motherland.

I am fully aware of bureaucrats in India and weakness of our NRI community.

But that should not be the reason for me and for you to do nothing.

So if you agree with me, please join me or if you have any question, comments or suggestions, please feel free to contact me:


Tarun N. Surti

Email: 78surti@gmail.com

Twitter: @78Surti


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